When the polishing is finished, the question of painting the walls of the wooden house inside is solved. Such works perform at least two functions: one explicit – decorative. Another function of painting the house from the inside is to protect the house from fungi, putrefaction, deformity and parasites.

Since we are talking about painting a wooden house inside, it is necessary to take care of the choice of paint and varnish materials. Actually, the choice is reduced to using as little as possible toxic materials for painting the walls of a wooden house. As a rule, non-toxic varnishes and paints are more expensive than toxic analogues.

Another important factor in selecting materials for painting walls is the appearance. There are, for example, acrylic water-based paints that allow the tree to breathe, have different color schemes. But the cost of such paints is more expensive than oil paints. However, if the service life of other coatings is reduced to about 5 years of service, then these colors will last up to 10 years.

In any case, choosing paint and varnish materials for painting the walls of a wooden house inside, take care to conduct an educational program on quality. Although you can do much easier by entrusting the selection of the company “warm house”. Experts will select and agree with you the use of funds for painting the walls of the house inside. This is the most optimal option, besides, you will be consulted not only on request “the best paint for the house”, but will be oriented and will offer the optimal solution for your budget.