One of the last works on interior finishing of a wooden house is polishing and painting the house inside. This is the final work on the preparation and processing of walls for later residence.   GRINDING OF A WOODEN HOUSE INSIDE   The task of grinding is reduced to preserving the properties of wood, as well as protecting the tree from harmful effects.

Such work is carried out a few months after the construction of the house. As a rule, not earlier. This is due to the fact that the log must be dried a little to see all the defects of the tree. The walls after this polishing become lighter, and the rooms seem more spacious and free.

To begin with, the log is grinded with rigid brushes and special tools. Such a rough sweep allows you to remove the knots and hiccups. Even with rough grinding, the thickness of the removed layer of wood is minimal, that is, the task is to remove as small a layer as possible during grinding. This is necessary in order to maximize the useful properties of the tree.

Work on grinding is carried out in special glasses and respirators, since the layer of dust being raised is very large. That’s why we recommend that you order grinding from professionals, and not perform such harmful work by yourself. Grind the top down along the fibers of the tree, so as not to disturb its structure. In addition, with improper grinding, you can achieve the opposite effect, and instead of a smooth tree there will be a cut with many serifs.

Independently such work is rarely done, still more people trust polishing the wooden house to specialists. The choice of such professionals from the company “Warm House” is associated with the quality of the work performed, as well as with the optimal ratio of price and quality.